Dear student,

Welcome to the survey by Stichting OER. This year we are doing research into internships as part of the Bachelor’s programme. Is there a demand among students for internships, and how do students rate the internship supervision provided by the University of Utrecht? The questionnaire takes about five to ten minutes to complete.

Stichting OER

The questionnaire has been devised by Stichting OER (the Education Review Report Foundation). Each year Stichting OER carries out independent research into the quality of teaching at the University of Utrecht from the point of view of students. Based on our research we advise the university on how to improve its teaching. This year we are doing research into the supervision of internships. Any terms that you may as yet be unfamiliar with will be explained in the questionnaire.

Purpose of survey

With our survey we aim to gain an understanding of how students rate their internship supervision. We are also interested in the reasons students have for doing or not doing an internship as part of their Bachelor’s programme. At the end of the year we shall present a set of recommendations to the University of Utrecht, showing what aspects are good and where is there room for improvement.

Why should I take part?

Your opinion matters! So complete the questionnaire and let us know what you think about internship supervision. By making your views known you can ensure that your learning environment gets better. The more students take part, the more effect the results will have.


Students who complete the questionnaire can win one of the following prizes:

1 x dinner coupon to the value of € 30 

2 x gift vouchers from to the value of € 25 

3 x book tokens to the value of  € 15 

5 x National Cinema Vouchers to the value of € 10