Survey on Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) requirements, policies or infrastructures for ongoing research and preservation of research data are becoming an essential part of the research process. This survey offers you the opportunity to give your opinion on RDM and provide more input about what you expect from RDM as a researcher. Your contribution will be combined with results obtained from researchers across the Netherlands and guide future developments of RDM policies and infrastructures.

What is Research Data Management? Research Data Management aims at guaranteeing that data is appropriately treated at all stages of the research cycle (i.e. design, collection, processing, analysis, preservation, data sharing and reuse).

About the survey: This survey is divided into five sections. The first section will help us identify how requirements of various stakeholders for storing, sharing, reusing and preserving research data affect your daily work. The second section consists of questions related to the quality of current RDM facilities in your organization. Next, the third section consists of questions regarding the helpfulness of RDM in daily practice. Then, the fourth section allows you to share any rewarding experience you may have had with RDM. Finally, the fifth section allows you to provide your expectations about RDM by means of “User stories”. User stories are a simple way to write down user requirements according to a specific template (see section V). The last section is optional.  

Who we are: The survey is organized by the National Coordination Point Research Data Management grouping representatives from research institutes, research universities, universities of applied sciences and UMCs in the Netherlands.  Please find more information about the participating institutions and the goal of the LCRDM here:

The results of this survey will be processed anonymously. Participation will take at most 10 minutes of your time. 

Thank you for your valuable input!